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Post by Alessandra Ferrini

nothingbutthetruth (2002) is an online  interactive docufiction by artist Sigune Hamann.

This work allows the viewer to choose different paths throughout an archive of photographic and sonic fragments. As such, it gives us a choice, as viewers: we can choose our way through history, what we think is the ‘truth’. As the event in consideration is one of the most puzzling in the history of late twentieth century Italy, it is clear that we are on an impossible quest. However, it is in this endeavour to find a solution to this piece of history, that we find ourselves wondering about the life and nature of archives. Are we to believe the fragments and relics they house? Are we to trust history as ‘truth’?

Click here or on the picture to experience the work


From the artist’s website:

‘Nothingbutthetruth is a docufiction within which ever multipying options offer narrative fragments of different public and private perspectives of a single event. I have chosen to take as my material a moment in contemporary history that posed a series of questions, all of them complicated by issues of memory, visual perception and the use of evidence: the political violence in the early 1970s in Italy. Simultaneaously a semi-secretive search into an event, a mystery thriller, newspaper investigation, a comic enquiry into the limits of recomstruction, the navigation of the website through these multiple fragments becomes the actual theme of the site. Through perception of visual and audio fragments and their associate power the user makes his/her own emotional sense of the material. The work examines the nature of storytelling and memory in a non-linear medium and allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the content and form of the piece without being conscious of interfacing with the computer.’

Nothingbutthetruth was commissioned by lighthouse brighton.

Read more about this work.

Sigune Hamann was born in Frankfurt am Main. She holds a BA and MA from Hochschule der Künste (Berlin) and and MA from the Royal College of Art London. She lives and works in London.

Visit the artist’s website.

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